Letter from Our Management


Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to the FDAINFO.com web site.

For more than two decades, WIS has been providing specialized information, books, documents and electronic products to help you fathom FDA and international regulation of pharmaceuticals, biotech products, medical devices and diagnostics, blood/plasma and derivatives and veterinary drugs.

In addition, we provide full-text copies of 483s, EIRs, 510(k)s, PMA summaries and NDA/BLA approval information at www.fdadocuments.org. Or, call our RECORD-RETRIEVE Service and let them do the work for you (703) 779-8777.

WIS strives for excellent customer service. Feel free to contact us at (703) 779-8777, fax: (703) 779-2508 or email: service@FDAINFO.COM.

Our circulation department handles inquiries about subscriptions — (240) 477-5577 or support@FDAINFO.com

And, feel free to call or email me any time if you have a problem or suggestions for improvement.


Kenneth Reid
Chief Marketing Exec & Publisher